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  • How does the App work?
    If you are a car owner with an empty seat and willing to share with others and then save travelling costs, you download the LongDrive App and publish on the App the details of your trip (departure, arrival, time, date, price etc). If you are looking for a secure, convenient, reliable and affordable ride (lift) for long distance trip you embark on taking, you download the LongDrive App and then search for rides going your way direction.
  • How does payment work?
    Only online banking payments are allowed via credits and cheque cards - we use PayFast Payment Gateway to facilitate secured payments.
  • How much does it cost to travel with LongDrive?
    We let the forces of demand and supply determine the fair price of a trip, therefore by allowing the drivers decide on the price and passengers to choose the best price from all the available posted trips.
  • Why do I need to add ID number on the App?
    We use ID numbers for verification purposes only and this is done to ensure safety and security for all our users.
  • How do I report a bug?
    Our Technical team is consistently working on fixing bugs on the App to ensure smooth user experience and should you experience any bug, we will dedicate our time to fix it and such can be reported by reaching out to our email address (, website chat box ( or WhatsApp number (+27 71 509 9945)
  • How do I become a driver
    To Become a driver for LongDrive, all you have to do is download our app and get verified, then you can start posting your trips when you travel long distance. We don't hire drivers, if you have a trip to somewhere far, you log a trip on our app and passengers will book your trip.
  • How does the LongDrive App ensure the safety of its users?
    To ensure safety of our users, we have implemented a verification system that allows us to cross check the user's information with Government databases.
  • How does LongDrive ensure my privacy?
    All information collected is stored and kept in the companies database. We have placed measures to ensure that there's no breach to our stored data and your personal information is not shared with third parties. to read more on our privacy policy, go to
  • Is my personal information safe and who gets to see it?
    We collect personal information such as ID numbers, contact details, car details etc. and such information is only used for the purposes of ridesharing and does not get to be shared with third parties. This information is stored on the company's encrypted servers. Users in the LongDrive App can only see your full names, cell number and car details once the booking has been confirmed and such information is visible only to the users who booked and received booking confirmation and accepted the booking request. Prior to booking confirmation and booking acceptance, users can only see initials, gender and car details (excluding license registration number).
  • Can I select to travel with only female passengers or driver?
    Yes, as a passenger, you will be able to see the driver's gender before you book and as a driver, you can also see the gender of the passengers before you can accept the booking. Drivers are also able to add comments that they want female passengers only.
  • I did not receive a confirmation code, what do I do?
    To ensure that you receive a confirmation code, please use the cell number where you receive calls and not the number that only work for WhatsApp. Sometimes your service provider network might not be connecting well with our servers, resulting in no confirmation code being sent out, in this case, reach out to our email address (, website chat box ( or WhatsApp number (+27 71 509 9945) for assistance.
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